Where we operate

Our goal is to deliver viable, customer focused services in established, crisis and austere locations, without compromising exceptional quality of life and welfare.
As well as supporting offshore facilities and ships, we maintain permanent and long-term satellite operations including retail, accommodation and distribution centres all over the world.
Every year, we expand into new markets where our services can bring value and support to clients and communities.

North America United States of America, Canada Mexico, Haiti.

South America Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile.

Africa Guinea, Nigeria, S. Leone, Mauritania West Sahara, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Central African, Somalia, Congo.

Middle East Lebanon, Qatar, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan.

Asia China, India, Singapore, Laos, Malaysia

Europe Spain, Belgium, 
Holland, German, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo.

Ciano Trading & Services C. T.&S. S.p.A.

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